Quitting with the Nicotine Patch & Gum

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Free self-help booklets

Don’t want to wait for us? Here are some other places that might have patch & gum:

- If you’re a student, make a cessation appointment with your campus health clinic
- The STOP project
- Your local Public Health Unit
- Your participating community health centre or family health team
- If you are a Status First Nation or Inuit, contact your local Non-Insured Health Benefit (NIHB) office

Looking for more help? Try these:

- Smokers' Helpline (1-877-513-5333) for free non-judgmental, personalized support
- If you’re < 25 years with OHIP+ coverage, you can get smoking cessation medication for free
- Join the First Week Challenge to quit smoking for the first 7 days of the month for a chance to win $500