Powered by the battery, the atomizer heats up the cartridge with the e-juice and chemicals, turning the liquid to vapour. There are many different types of vapes and they can look just like cigarettes or completely different like tube mods or box mods, like a long cylindrical unit or a small box with mouthpieces.

Vapes are still harmful, but far less harmful than cigarettes. Consider the pros and cons below and YOU be the judge.


  • Vapes are harmful, but less harmful than smoking commercial tobacco because there is no combustion or smoke.
  • Vapes may have the potential to help smokers quit smoking cigarettes, depending on the model, but the finding is weak.2 So, vapes are not a scientifically proven quit aid.


  • Vapes are the new kids on the block; only on the market since the 2000s. As such, the long-term health effects are still unknown.3
  • The vapour is not water or air – it contains toxic compounds and carcinogens that are found in cigarette smoke (although in smaller quantities), including carbonyl compounds like formaldehyde and tobacco-specific nitrosamines. Traces of heavy metal, including cadmium, nickel and lead are also there.4
  • E-juice can be toxic if ingested, even in small quantities.5 This is a concern especially for children and pets.
  • While vapes are likely to reduce smokers’ health risks, in the long-term they are no more effective than other safe and proven cessation aids like the nicotine patch.6 Smokers’ using the nicotine patch to quit should avoid vaping as it has been shown to reduce the likelihood of success.7
  • Since vapes can be used in places where smoking is normally not allowed, this could make smoking more acceptable and weaken the efforts of tobacco control.


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